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Name: Claire Bennet
Canon: Heroes + CRAU
Scrubs Color: Red
Visible Age: Early twenties
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Physique: Petite, curvy, slender
Complexion: Fair
Hygiene: Neat and clean
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Defining Marks: None
Accent/Speech: American
Bearing/Demeanor: Friendly, cheerful, careful
Gait: Quick, determined
Habits: Bites her lip
Skills: Nursing, skilled baker/cook


At one time, Claire Bennet would have considered herself a well-rounded, active teenage girl before her power manifested. She was popular, generally well-liked by everyone around her and yet she was quite naive about how the world worked. Her need for acceptance led her to joining the cheerleading team and abandoning good friends in favor of the popular crowd until the manifestation of her power changed all that. Then she started to withdraw from her friends and family as she struggled with her new ability.

Claire is very much driven by her emotions and her passions. She pretty much wears her heart on her sleeve and everything she is pretty much feeling right on her face. That’s just how expressive she is. Sometimes this works for her but a lot of times it works against her as well as it makes lying hard to do. It also means she doesn’t hold back when she is angry or upset with someone and she will lash out when she feels wronged or cornered.

Speaking of lashing out, Claire does have a stubborn streak. She can be rebellious, insensitive and harsh in her treatment of others. She has also been told (by Angela) that she has a mouth on her. She can also be insecure, even up to this current day and time. She worries about what people will think of her or that people close to her might only want her because of her ability and her blood. This insecurity also stems from seeing her power as a curse, especially when she realizes that she is immortal which means outliving everyone she knows.

Even though she is scared of being seen as a freak, Claire hates keeping secrets. Eventually, the need to do so made her bitter and she spent a lot of time questioning why she had to remain hidden. It caused her to lash out at people around her in the past since she hates having to lie and to hide who she is. This issue is further exacerbated by the fact that those closest to her often have two lives or personalities, especially her father Nathan Petrelli and her adoptive father Noah Bennet. She hates feeling like she can’t trust them and it frustrates her to think they want her to act the same which makes her feel guilty that people might view her the same way.

Claire’s ability seems to bring out the brave and somewhat reckless side of her. She rarely hesitates to throw herself into dangerous situations when she feels she can help someone or save lives. This spontaneous behaviour can lead to trouble too. Later on, she risked revealing her ability and what she can do every time she rushes in without thinking. I.E. Using her ability to subdue a man with a radioactive power that nearly blew up her house and everything around him.

(We also get a glimpse of Claire's dark side in a futuristic episode. She is cold, ruthless and willing to kill Peter Petrelli who she once viewed as a hero. She also threatens the life of a little boy though it's hard to say whether she would have gone through it or not.)

Ultimately, Claire is a good person, though. She has good intentions, a desire to help people and a desire to find somewhere she can belong. If someone needs help, she will be the first person there and ready to do what it takes. She is working on becoming more comfortable with herself and her power as well as all the crazy things that seem to happen around her.

Her time in the village has helped her to relax somewhat. The fact that there were other metahumans and creatures who weren’t so normal helped her to feel more comfortable about herself. She was no longer so extraordinary, at least in her eyes, though she still had to practice some caution. (She often hid herself from vampires because she knew how they might enjoy her ability). She did reveal her ability to those closest to her and she will do so again if she feels she can trust someone.


What skills does your character bring to the situation?:

Explain how your character would react to the following:

- Discovering that their memories may have been tampered with:
Claire would not be amused with the idea of having her memories tampered with. That said, she won't go off the rails about it like she might have when she was younger and had very strong feelings about the Haitian (and his powers). She has come to recognize that some messed up things happen when you're jumping from universe to universe. She would want her memories back because she would want to know what was taken from her but she will bite her tongue if she doesn't have an obvious source to aim her frustrations at.

- Having to do physical labor to survive:
Again, Claire has learned a lot jumping around the different universes. The first world that she was in was fairly easy going as they had everything that they needed but she still had to grow up and work to look after herself. So she would be willing to put in the time and do what was needed, especially with her nursing skills, to survive. Especially since her power will be muted and she will have to, you know, survive on her own.

- Having to share resources with others:
Being who she is, Claire will share resources with others. It won't really matter if she cares for someone or not. Naturally, it makes sense that she would be more willing to help those that she likes but she isn't going to condemn someone to dying. Hell, she has even helped Sylar in the past and she considered him an enemy at one time. (It depends on the day and the man how she feels about him)

- Being unable to leave the area:
This isn't Claire's first rodeo. Or, you know, a place that she can't leave. It frustrates her but she has come to just sort of accept that it happens in these strange little pocket dimensions that she keeps finding herself in. Instead, she will find ways to keep herself occupied. Such as learning to be a nurse or working at an inn where she can put her baking/cooking skills to use. She makes friends or even goes so far as to find a lover to occupy her time. Whatever she needs to do to keep herself from thinking about the fact that she can't leave. This is something she will do in a new setting, especially when she needs to keep her mind off of her regeneration ability being suppressed or gone altogether.

- Doing without modern conveniences and technology and/or being around tech more advanced than they're used to:
If you give her the basic modern conveniences (like bathrooms), she will learn to make do. There might be complaining because she is a cook and a nurse, so there will be some "omg, what am I going to do" but she will adjust. Claire is fairly good at adjusting to things these days.

Really, it's going to be losing her ability that freaks her out some.

- Being separated, possibly permanently, from loved ones and their previous life, including loss of powers, if applicable:
As mentioned above, losing her ability is going to freak her out some. Yes, she hates it at times but it has become a large part of who she is. She is the Cheerleader, the Invincible Girl and, supposedly, an Immortal. She was slowly starting to come to terms with her ability and so losing it will definitely throw her for a loop.

She will worry about dying and being sick all the time. Plus there will be the added bonus of potentially feeling pain again. Which will help her to feel more human but it is definitely going to freak her out, trust me. She will have to learn to be a little more careful with herself and her body which should provide for some entertaining issues in the future.

As for being separated from loved ones, Claire is all too familiar with this happening. She hates it with a passion when it happens to her but she copes. 


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